Where are you located?

  We are located in Oakley, Ca 

Where do you Items ship from?

 We have two Warehouses. One in the USA and one in China. Our Brand and custom merchandise are shipped from the USA. Any ready made items are shipped from China. 

Why Do you Have Two warehouses?

  Our current warehouse in California is not as big as we would like we are currently working on finding bigger space to hold more merchandise in the USA. To make shipping faster and easier for us as well as customers 

How long does it take for processing and  shipping 

   Our processing and be anywhere from 1 to 14 business day depending on the amount of order ahead of you anything made to order will take a additional 5 day once processing. Once complete all merchandise is shipped on Tuesday and Thursday by 10am and orders processed after this time frame will get a shipping label but will not be shipped out until the following ship day. For example if something finished processing Thursday at 1pm it will not ship until Tuesday. shipping can take anywhere from 1 to 15 days depending on location and shipment type.

which carriers do you use?

we use ups, usps, FedEx, Dhl, 





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